SAM AKINA – Co-Founder, Director, Writer, Editor

Sam is an award-winning director, writer and editor.  After graduating film school in Seattle, WA, he wrote and directed the cult revenge film “Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h”. Created on a shoestring budget, “Ca$h” was later released in over 30 countries. Sam has directed over a hundred commercials for major brands around the world, including Dell, Adidas, Verizon, Sunpower and Łomza and has won numerous awards including multiple Addys, Webbys and Tellys. In addition, he has directed over a dozen music videos for various established and emerging artists. His career in feature film took him overseas to Warsaw, Poland where he co-created two of the most successful film franchises in Eastern Europe, Listy do M. (5 sequels) and Planeta Singli (3 sequels and one TV series spin-off). 

JULES JONES – Co-Founder, Creative Director

Jules Jones is an award-winning writer, creative producer and director. She graduated with Honors from Wesleyan University where she composed and co-directed the sci-fi rock opera “The Fetus Follies.” As lead creative producer at Attackships, she has crafted countless award-winning commercials, feature films, music videos and documentary projects around the world. Internationally, she co-wrote 4 of the highest grossing Polish films of the past decade and is lead singer of the Warsaw-based indie rock band Neon Gold. Jules is a former All Star Banked Track Roller Derby skater and was the bassist, keyboardist and co-vocalist of the dream pop band Ephrata.

GABRIEL BIENCZYCKI – Director of Photography

Gabriel Bienczycki is an LA based cinematographer, photographer and director. Born to an artistic family in Poland, Gabriel studied music, fine arts and modern dance and went on to have a successful carer as a dancer and choreographer in leading companies across Europe, Canada and the the US, most notably as a soloist at Ballet Nürnberg, Germany. As artistic director of 7Dance Company in Philadelphia, he sought an adequate translation of stage movement to film and still photography and produced half of the company’s work for stage and half for screen. This influence and commitment to organic movement, precise stage blocking and understanding of human form are still strongly present in his work. His commercial clients include Nike, Dell, Microsoft, The Bil and Melinda Gates Foundation, Nordstrom, Starbucks, MTV and Amazon. His awards include the Emmy Award winning feature Out of Iraq, the IDF nominated Red Lake and recently the Special Jury Prize as one of the Filmmakers to Watch at CUFF 2024

TOM SEVERINI – Producer, Director

Tom is a director and producer based in Fort Myers, Florida. Growing up with a father who owned a photo studio sparked Tom’s interest in film from an early age. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2002 with a BFA in Communications, training under advertising legends Martin Solomon and Bob Gill. As Creative Director at a prominent advertising agency in New York City, he designed for Sony,, Mark Ecko, HSN and Lipton. Tom’s interest in high-end fashion and creative design also led him to co-found two companies, Batch and KARV.

BROCK REED – Marketing Director

Brock brings over 25 years of experience in creative branding, strategy, and marketing communications. After graduating from Washington State University, Brock began his career as a concept specialist for Starbucks. As founder of SHIFT, Inc. and later, Creativello, he focused on strategic marketing, PR, branding and business development for Microsoft, Amazon, Comcast, Talking Rain and more. When he isn’t leading diverse teams through exciting new brand strategies or digital media campaigns, Brock can be found shamelessly feeding his shoe and eyeglass obsession.