Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h

A bloody tale of revenge inspired by films like “The Terminator” “Payback” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. Ca$h made its North American debut on the Starz/Encore network in 2009, and shortly after was released to DVD and Netflix. The story of Ca$h – a ruthless juggernaut hellbent on hunting down kingpin Hector Gonzales – is available in over 30 countries worldwide

Letters to Santa

A Polish romantic comedy that took the country by storm in 2011. Listy do M. was directed by Mitja Okorn and Co-Written by Sam Akina for the TVN Network in Warsaw, Poland. Made on a budget of $1.2 million dollars and featuring some of the country’s premier acting talent, Listy went on to earn over $40 million theatrically – becoming the highest grossing Polish film of the past two decades. Stateside it also won top honors at the 2012 Seattle Polish Film Festival, the 2012 Toronto Polish Film Festival, and the 2012 Chicago Polish Film Festival.

Planet Single

Planet Single is the second collaboration by Attackships creatives in the Polish film market. It was co-written by Sam Akina and Jules Jones and directed by Mitja Okorn for Gigant Films. The plot revolves around a chauvinistic talk show host who convinces an elementary school music teacher to lampoon her dating life on his show. It was released on Valentines Day in 2016 to critical acclaim and has since become one of the highest grossing Polish films of all time. Planet Single has also won Audience Choice awards at the Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago and Los Angeles Polish Film Festivals as well as the Audience Award at CineEast.

Planet Single 2

Planet Single 2 is the third collaboration of Attackships On Fire in the Polish market. The sequel picks up six months after the events of part one and follows Tomek and Ania as their fluttering fairytale romance has taken a nose dive into a harsh reality; she wants a family and he isn’t ready to commit. But their fiery breakup comes on the heels of a career-saving opportunity for Tomek, if he can convince Ania to co-host the country’s first televised Christmas Special with him. Now Poland’s most popular celebrity duo must pretend to be in love in front of millions of adoring fans while secretly loathing each other behind the scenes. And when the charming CEO of Planet Single sets his sights on winning Ania’s hand, Tomek begins to question their relationship status.

Planet Single 2 was co-written by Sam Akina and Jules Jones and directed by Sam Akina. It released theatrically in November 2018 and became Poland’s third highest grossing film of that year, beating out such films as Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story at the Polish box-office.

Planet Single 3

Planet Single 3 follows Tomek and Ania into the Polish countryside for a wedding celebration that will bring out all of the colorful members of his estranged family. Meanwhile, Ola must deal with the newfound pressures of motherhood while her husband Bogdan and step-daughter Zosia get acclimated to the mystery and adventure of life outside the city.

Planet Single 3 was co-written by Jules Jones and Sam Akina and co-directed by Sam Akina and Michal Chacinski. It was theatrically released in 2019 and was the sixth highest grossing film in Poland of that year.